Comprehensive Damp Mould and Timber  


Specialising in damp and mould inspection, I am able to quickly and safely inspect your home. Working with clients in Oxford, London, and across the UK, I will travel to your location in order to carry out thorough investigations and provide detailed reports on my findings. If required, I will also provide a follow-up inspection. Get in touch today to learn more about my cost-effective services.


Once I arrive at your property, I will carry out a full on-site investigation of your timber and walls. This will allow me to identify any problems that need rectifying before they become too expensive to handle.


Having identified any problems, I will develop a detailed report. This will include specific documentation of the condition of your property, the causes of any damage, and any specific steps required.


For no extra fee, I will find you a contractor to undertake any work required. With my wide range of expertise and experience, I am able to recommend reliable tradesmen who will get the job done quickly and efficiently, keeping your costs from spiralling out of control.

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